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That's rather an important point...
That's rather an important point...
Hi there,
Hi there,

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What version(s) does this apply to?[edit]

I'm guessing, since the examples given don't use arrays associatively, that it's 1.5.

That's rather an important point...

Hi there, for me the following statement does not really makes sense:

function check()
       jimport( 'joomla.filter.output' );
       $alias = JFilterOutput::stringURLSafe( $this-­>title );
       if (empty( $this-­>alias ) || $this-­>alias === $alias ) {
               $this->alias = $alias;
       /* All your other checks */
       return true;

As I read it, the filtered $alias is only asigned to the table property, if $table->alias is empty OR $table->alias is exactly the same. So in case $this->alias is not empty, the property will not even be checked or reasigned.

What I find more logical is the method used in the Joomla components

if(empty($this->alias)) {
	$this->alias = $this->title;
$this->alias = JFilterOutput::stringURLSafe($this->alias);

What is this supposed to mean[edit]

This sentence is confusing me quite a bit:

"The alias is used in the URL instead of the title (the title is the text you want to have in the url)."

Is this a mistake, or do I just not understand. If so, could anybody explain?

Explaination does not match with the example[edit]

The following sentence explains the example:

"In the function [Componentname]BuildRoute we arranged the items in the $query array in a specific sequence. This means that in this example the view is first, the catid is second and the id is third in the array."

In the example this refers to, the route has only two segments. "view" and "id".

BuildRoute not working as expected[edit]

I'm having trouble getting the JRoute::_ function working; it should call the [extensionname]BuildRoute function, right? It seems it currently doesn't do that at my system (1.7). Were there maybe any changes between Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7? Any hints? Munchkin 04:57, 6 September 2011 (CDT)