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To change the default Template for the Site (Front-end) or Administrator (Back-end), follow these steps:

Access the template manager



  • Click on: Extensions  Templates</translate>

[[Image:Extension-manager-template-manager-3x<translate> -en</translate>.png|500px]]

<translate> You will now see the Template Manager screen.</translate>

<translate> Note: If you do not see Templates listed as an option on the Extensions menu, then it is most likely because you are not logged in as a Super Administrator. Only Super Administrators will see this menu item.</translate>

Managing default template

From here you manage your templates for Front-end and Back-end. The default view shows your installed Front-end templates. The default template for the Front-end is marked with a star; in the image below it is protostar.

To change the default template to beez3:

  • click the checkbox left from the template name to select it;
  • click "Default" on the toolbar;

the star changes from protostar to beez3 and you are done. Alternatively, you can click on the shadow of a template's default start to quickly set the template as default.


Assigning more than one template for the Front-end

Joomla! gives you the option of switching between two or more templates on the Front-end. This is done with "Menu Assignment", so you can set different templates for each menu or only a menu item. This allows specific "pages" that are defined by menu links to set for a "specific" template.

Click on: Extensions  Template Manager

  • You will see your installed templates, now choose a template which is not set as your default one. Yellow star indicates the template is a default.
  • Click on the template name or hit the checkbox to the left of the template name, and click "Edit" on the toolbar.
  • You now see the page "Template: [ Edit ]", and go to the section "Menu Assignment" block and choose the menu items on which the template items should be shown.


  • Click "Save" on the toolbar and you´re done. The menu item will now show the selected template.

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