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To change the default Template for the Site (Front-end) or Administrator (Back-end), follow these steps:



  • Click on: Extensions  Templates</translate>

[[Image:Extension-manager-template-manager-3x<translate> -en</translate>.png|500px]]

<translate> You will now see the Template Manager screen.</translate>

<translate> Note: If you do not see Templates listed as an option on the Extensions menu, then it is most likely because you are not logged in as a Super Administrator. Only Super Administrators will see this menu item.</translate>

From here you manage your templates for Front-end and Back-end. The default view shows your installed Front-end templates. The default template for the Front-end is marked with a star; in the image below it is rhuk_milkyway.

To change the default template to beez:

  • click the checkbox left from the template name to select it;
  • click "Default" on the toolbar;

the star changes from rhuk_milkyway to beez and you are done.


Assigning more than one template for the Front-end

Joomla! gives you the option of switching between two or more templates on the Front-end. This is done with "Menu Assignment", so you can set different templates for each menu or only a menu item.

Click on: Extensions -> Template Manager

You see your installed templates, now choose a template which is not set as your default one. Click on the template name or hit the checkbox to the left of the template name, and click "Edit" on the toolbar. You now see the page "Template: [ Edit ]", and go to the section "Menu Assignment" block and choose the menu items on which the template items should be shown. Click "Save" on the toolbar and you´re done.