Editing a template with Template Manager

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To edit or copy a template's files with the Template Manager: Customise Template you must first access the Template manager.

Access the Template Manager



  • Click on: Extensions  Templates</translate>

[[Image:Extension-manager-template-manager-3x<translate> -en</translate>.png|500px]]

<translate> You will now see the Template Manager screen.</translate>

<translate> Note: If you do not see Templates listed as an option on the Extensions menu, then it is most likely because you are not logged in as a Super Administrator. Only Super Administrators will see this menu item.</translate>

Access the Template Manager Customisation Feature

<translate> There are two methods available for accessing the Template Manager: Customise Template. The Customise Template interface allows for editing the actual code found in the template files, creating template overrides and template file manipulation.</translate> <translate>====One-Click or Switch to Template View==== </translate> [[File:30-Template-manager-template-styles-view-1<translate> -en</translate>.png]]


A Tip!

Styles column refers to changing the available parameters of a template, such as color, font-color, logo, etc. These are dependent on the parameters a template maker made available and are a convenience for quick changes. Template - column refers to editing the actual template files.


<translate> To access the Template Customise feature:

  • Directly - Click the template name in the column Template</translate>

-en</translate>.png|600]] <translate>

  • Indirectly - Styles will be highlighted, click on Templates below it which will turn the view to Template Manager:Templates, see image below.</translate>


  • Select the template you wish to modify which will change the view to Template Manager: Customise Template view</translate>

<translate>====Customisation View==== </translate> <translate> You should now be looking at the image below, Template Manager: Customise Template.</translate>

[[File:3x-template-manager-customise-template<translate> -en</translate>.png]]