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Editor Field


Provides a drop down list of the available WYSIWYG editors.


Special options within this field are

  • Show Buttons
    You can decide if the button should be shown or not.
  • Hide Buttons
    You can select special buttons in a drop down for hiding in the tool bar of the editor. Note: This option is only useful if the option show buttons is set to yes.
  • Width
    The value for width defines the width (in pixels) of the WYSIWYG editor. Default value for this is 100%.
  • Height
    The value for height defines the heigth (in pixels) of the WYSIWYG editor. Default value for this is 250px.
  • Filter
    Allow the system to save certain html tags or raw data.

Related Information

See Editors form field type


Creating the field

Let's say you create a field with the options shown in the next figure.

Editor field create-en.png

Using the field in the backend

In the backend while creating an article or a contact you see the field like in the following imageː


Using the field in the frontend

In the frontend, you can see the field as you see in the following image. The option Automatic display is responsible for the position of the field and your template is responsible for the design of the field.
Fields are only displayed in the frontend if you have filled them with data in the article. If it is not a required field, can you forget it?

Editor field frontend-en.png