Editing a template with Template Manager

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To edit a template with the Template Manager you must first access the Template manager.

Access the Template Manager



  • Click on: Extensions  Templates</translate>

[[Image:Extension-manager-template-manager-3x<translate> -en</translate>.png|500px]]

<translate> You will now see the Template Manager screen.</translate>

<translate> Note: If you do not see Templates listed as an option on the Extensions menu, then it is most likely because you are not logged in as a Super Administrator. Only Super Administrators will see this menu item.</translate>

Switch to Style view

Styles will be highlighted, click on Templates which will turn the view to Template Manager:Templates.


Select the template you wish to modify which will change the view to Template Manager: Customise Template view.


The available files for editing vary from template design or what the template designer allows for editing.

  • CSS stands for cascading style sheets. This controls many elements of the look and feel of your site.
  • HTML or master files are the files which control where positions are defined and placed. It should be noted that, with a few exceptions, what is in the .css and HTML files largely depends on the approach of the template designer.

One common change is to use your own graphic/image. Graphics are linked to the HTML file. Simply change the reference to the image of your choice. Keep in mind that if it is a different size than the original image this may change the appearance of the site in unexpected ways.