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The Joomla! CMS includes a number of JavaScript Frameworks. Instead of including your own JavaScript code, you may use these pre-existing JavaScript libraries of functions. Frameworks are loaded using calls to static methods in the JHtml class.

Bootstrap 的 JavaScript 框架

To enable the Bootstrap framework, call JHtml::_('bootstrap.framework'). This will automatically enable the jQuery framework in noConflict mode (i.e. accessed via jQuery. instead of $.). The Bootstrap library included is version 2.1.0 and is located at media/jui/bootstrap.js. It includes methods to initialize the Bootstrap affix, alert, button, carousel, collapse, dropdown, modal, tooltip, popover, scrollspy, tab and typeahead plugins.

NOTE: There is a known incompatibility between bootstrap-button and jquery-ui-button. Using both on the same page can result in conflicts. See [1] for a possible workaround.

jQuery JavaScript Framework

In order to load jQuery, use JHtml::_('jquery.framework');

This will load the jQuery version 1.12.4 library in no conflict mode. This means it is accessed via the jQuery namespace, not through $.

To load it in normal mode, call JHtml::_('jquery.framework', false);

jQuery UI Framework

The JUX libraries include the core jQuery UI code plus Widget, Mouse, Position, and Sortable (version 1.8.23 as of Joomla 3.0.2). Please review the jQuery-UI documentation for further details on their usage.

In order to load the core call: JHtml::_('jquery.ui');

This will load the appropriate jquery-ui.core.js from the media/jui directory. Enabling jQuery UI automatically enables jQuery in noConflict mode if it has not already been done.

To add the Sortable library, use JHtml::_('jquery.ui', array('sortable')); This will automatically include the core jQuery UI library and the jQuery library.

For clarity, it is best to explicitly enable both the core and sortable from a single call using JHtml::_('jquery.ui', array('core', 'sortable'));

As of Joomla 3.0.2, only jQuery UI Core and Sortable are installed/available. To use other jQuery plugins, including jQuery UI plugins, you will need to make sure they are installed with your application and call JHtml::_('script') along with the appropriate parameters to load them. Alternatively, you may create and install your own JHtml extensions and create your own JHtml calls - such as JHtml::_('mylibrary.myloader')

Mootools JavaScript Framework

This framework is deprecated and will be removed in Joomla 4.

Loads the Mootools libraries from system/js. JHtml::_('behavior.framework', $type) where $type defines which library.

Core: mootools-core.js, version 1.4.5 More: mootools-more.js, version, enabling more automatically enables core

Joomla! JavaScript Framework

Many of the Joomla libraries require the Mootools framework. It is assumed that these will be migrated to the Bootstrap framework in some future version.

These JavaScript libraries can be located under the media/system/js folder. This list is incomplete, please check the folder for available libraries. Libraries include:

caption.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.caption', $selector)

This will apply the caption functions to all elements of the DOM that have the CSS class $selector. Default selector class is img.caption. In order to apply the caption function to multiple classes, simply make multiple calls to JHtml::_('behavior.caption', $selector). The library will only be loaded once, but it will be applied to all classes.

tooltip.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.tooltip', $selector, $params)

For all DOM objects with class $selector, an onhover tooltip will be created based on $params. The default selector is class hasTip. Loading this framework will also load the Mootools framework.

combobox.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.combobox')

Creates a combobox effect. Loading this framework will also load the Mootools framework.

validate.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.formvalidation')

Enables form validation based on rules defined by the form fields. Loading this framework will also load the Mootools framework.

switcher.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.switcher')

This library is used internally and unlikely to be useful to other components. When enabled, it also enables the Mootools framework.

multiselect.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.multiselect')

JavaScript behavior to allow shift select in grids. Loading this framework will also load the Mootools framework.

swf.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.uploader')

progressbar.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.uploader')

uploader.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.uploader')

Add unobtrusive JavaScript support for the advanced uploader.

mootree.js :: JHtml::_('behavior.tree')

Add unobtrusive JavaScript support for a collapsible tree.

No files JHtml::_('behavior.keepalive') - Keep session alive, for example, while editing or creating an article.

No files JHtml::_('behavior.noframes') - Break us out of any containing iframes.