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Simple Media Functions[edit]

The previous tutorial in this series covered J4.x:Managing Media with suggestions on managing folders and an outline of how to use the Media component page. You are now ready for the simple media manipulation features. At this stage it does not matter whether you are working with images or files.


In the Media screen, navigate to the folder where you want the item to be located. Note that the media component does not have an option to move a file to another folder after upload but you can do that with a system or cPanel file manager.

Select the Upload button in the Media Toolbar to open your system file browser dialog box. Navigate your local file system to select the image or file you wish to upload. Select the dialog's Open button. After a short delay, depending on its size, the file will appear in the media list.


  • Modern digital cameras can take photographs that are enormous. You may wish to pre-process images to crop and/or resize before upload. The Media component can do that to some extent but sites using inexpensive shared hosting may run into memory problems. Aim for final image sizes to suit the purpose. If in doubt, no more than 800 pixels wide.
  • If an image with the same name already exists in the folder it cannot be re-uploaded. Delete the image first, or rename the image prior to uploading.
  • You can only upload file types that have been set up in the Media Options. Be careful! There are security implications involved in file uploads
  • Go to Options to change upload sizes and image requirements.


Select the item you wish to delete. Click the Delete button in the Media Toolbar.


Place the cursor over the item you wish to rename and select horizontal ellipsis symbol to open the item's manipulation menu. Select the Rename Item button - it looks like a letter T with a left-right arrow underneath.

In the Rename dialog enter a new name without the file-type suffix. That is taken care of for you. Select Save to complete the renaming.

Further Information[edit]

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