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You want to update your site from 4.x to Joomla 4.4.x. This is easy for the Joomla Core and in general also for languages. But if you have installed extensions on your site - and who has not? - then the extensions too must fulfill these requirements.

Joomla! 4.x provides a Pre-Update Check for Updates to Minor Versions. This view of the Joomla Update component shows technical specifications of the server the site is on and core and third-party extensions that use the Update Server in a list form.

To navigate to the Pre-Update Check page:

  • Use the Update Icon in your Home Dashboard. If there is a new version available, the icon is red and announces the new version.
  • If you don´t see the Update Notification, verify that the site is on the Joomla Next Update Channel.
    Select System  Update  Joomla  Options  Update Channel
    Select Joomla Next, then Save & Close.
  • The Pre-Update check is displayed immediately.

Technical Specifications

The top portion of the Pre-Update Check shows whether your current server environment is compatible with the current target version of Joomla for both the required PHP and database settings. The data on the Technical Requirements page show the specs we are checking against.

Required Settings

J4x Pre-Update-Check required-settings-en.png

What's important is to check if anything is red and not compatible with Joomla 4.x.
If the Database Table structure is not up to date, you can repair it by yourself before you continue the update.

Select Administrator  System  Maintenance  Database
There you get information about inconsistencies found in your Joomla CMS database, and you can update the structure.

J4x Pre-Update-Check update-database-structure-en.png

If other settings are not up to date, you'll need to talk to your host. As you are already on Joomla 4, it is very likely that all settings are ok.

Recommended Settings

J4x Pre-Update-Check recommended-settings-en.png


The Extension Update Check gives information about extensions which might be not compatible with Joomla 4.4.x.

It is the same information you can find in Pre-Update Check for Joomla 3.10 with a slightly different layout.

J4x Pre-Update-Check Extensions-en.png

Start Update

If you have checked all your extensions, as described in Pre-Update Check

You can start the update - either via Live Update, which imports the update file from the remote Joomla server, or by using a downloaded update file.

J4x Pre-Update-Check start update-en.png

The update process is described in all details in Pre-Update Check for Joomla 5.0.