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It is important that all chunks are correctly categorised as it can be difficult to find them again otherwise. This page gives the correct category tags to add to a page to make it a member of a particular category. Each chunk should belong to at least 3 categories; one each from the following category groups:

  1. Chunk types
    • Primary chunks
      • Definition lists: [[Category:Definition lists]]
      • Glossaries: [[Category:Glossaries]]
      • Procedures: [[Category:Procedures]]
      • Processes: [[Category:Processes]]
      • Topics: [[Category:Topics]]
      • Troubleshooting scenarios: [[Category:Troubleshooting scenarios]]
    • Secondary chunks
      • Examples: [[Category:Examples]]
      • Figures: [[Category:Figures]]
      • Itemised lists: [[Category:Itemised lists]]
      • Notes: [[Category:Tables]]
  2. User experience level
    • Beginners: [[Category:Beginners]]
    • Intermediate: [[Category:Intermediate]]
    • Advanced: [[Category:Advanced]]
    • Reference: [[Category:Reference]]
  3. Joomla! Resource Type
    • Components: [[Category:Components]]
    • Modules: [[Category:Modules]]
    • Plugins: [[Category:Plugins]]
    • Templates: [[Category:Templates]]
    • Languages: [[Category:Languages]]

We also started to create wiki templates for chunk categorisation to simplify the process.