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JDOC:Developer Tutorials Project/box-header The Joomla! Documentation Wiki Tutorial Project is focused on 'Developers' writing, improving and maintaining Tutorials specifically for Developers. The Joomla! Docs Wiki is collaborative, community-contributed and maintained, anyone can get involved in the Developer Tutorials Project! There are many small tasks in this JDOC project that when combined together will help produce high quality tutorials for beginner and intermediate Joomla! developers. Show others your interest in the Joomla! project, sign up to help with this Docs Wiki Project on the discussion page. No pressure, no time table, just give what you can, when you can.

JDOC:Developer Tutorials Project/box-header The JDOC Developer Tutorials Project was started on Mon, 11 Feb 2013 in an effort to benefit the users of the Joomla! Documentation Wiki.

JDOC:Developer Tutorials Project/box-header The tutorial start page, Developing a Basic Component is in the top 10 of pages sought on the Joomla! Docs Wiki?

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To Do List

These are a few 'to do's' to get this project started

  • Organisation of project
  • Need maintainers of example files on GitHub
  • Move example files to GitHub and correct links in current tutorials
  • Dev sign-ups use talk page
  • Identify current articles to include in Dev Tutorials Project
  • User page badge to identify project volunteers
  • Contribution recognition on pages and this project page

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