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Developer Tutorials Project


<translate> The JDOC Developer Tutorials Project was started on Mon, 11 Feb 2013 in an effort to benefit the users of the Joomla! Documentation Wiki.</translate>

Things to do

<translate> These are a few 'to do's' to get this project started:</translate> <translate>

  • Organisation of project
  • Need maintainers of example files on GitHub</translate>


  • Move example files to GitHub and correct links in current tutorials</translate>



  • Identify current articles to include in Dev Tutorials Project</translate>



  • User page badge to identify project volunteers</translate>


  • Contribution recognition on pages and this project page</translate>


Did you know?

<translate> The tutorial start page, Developing a Basic Component is in the top 10 of pages sought on the Joomla! Docs Wiki?</translate>

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