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Joining This JDOC Project

You don't need to join the Documentation Working Group to help us improve and maintain the Joomla! Documentation Wiki. You don't need to be an expert on writing Joomla! extensions! There are many tasks which will help you learn Joomla! while helping maintain the Tutorial pages. Please note that registration on this wiki is entirely separate from registration on our other sites, such as the Joomla! forum.

  • Just Register and login on this wiki to get started.
  • Already registered, sign up to help this JDOC Project on the Talk page with your wiki signature('4' tildes '~~~~') and task(s).
For example:
~~~~ - categorisation
~~~~ - techinical reviews
~~~~ - project tasks page
~~~~ - project tasks page, technical reviewer
  • Not sure you can help with this project, but think you can help somewhere else? Join a different JDOC Projects! The Joomla! Docs Wiki is a collaborative community and everyone's help is needed to maintain it as a useful resource.
Want to help but don't know how?

If you would like to contribute to the Wiki and just don't know where to start, please contact a member of the Documentation Working Group.

Help us improve the Joomla! Docs Wiki