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General Information

Please add appropriate items to the Roadmap and post all comments to the Docs Wiki Roadmap talk page.

Docs Wiki Roadmap

Short Term

  • Identify documentation needs by user type better
  • Beginners - need to be more targeted
  • Easy Tutuorials - short and concise (using as a model - Wikipedia's Wikipedia:Tutorial)
  • Beginners need targeted core ideas and methods (Too much information puts off)
  • Easy to navigate and follow
  • Use of Header Tabs extension
Installed! see example of use Hutchy68/Getting Started test page or Installing Joomla!
  • Developers - more involvement, better method of involvement
  • Web designers - target ease of design, better articles targeted towards CSS, Bootstrap
  • Projects - need ideas
  • Administrators - target common tasks with more detail
  • Evaluators - ideas needed?
  • Recognition of contributions, work on wiki complete, see Barnstar awards
  • Home page - start of redesign is here
  • Navigation
  • Portal pages
  • Better documentation search - Google integration? Lucerne?
Installed! Google CSE, GoogleCustomWikiSearch - implemented and being used.
  • Improve structure (underway!)
  • Namespace aliases for easier link building
Help screen aliasing - All Joomla! 3.x series Help screens will alias to one set of Help screens
  • Custom extension to tag Namespaces
  • Disambiguation pages
  • Spam control - multipage sign up. AntiSpoof, AbuseFilter together.
  • AbuseFilter (Tested! - see Talk page) - will automatically block and remove users based on rules, can be new user time sensitive running against only new users.
Installed! and working now, see AbuseLog and AbuseFilter
  • Clean up redundant and incomplete pages (what was started and never finished, or redundant) Underway!
  • Investigate 'Archive' namespace, would want an alias of 'A' to simplify link creation when needed
Installed! Archive namespace and J1.5 for Joomla! 1.5 articles now being tagged Archived Underway

Long Term

  • Increase developer contributions!
  • Welcome new users on user talk pages! Give them some additional information, style guide, templates available, etc.
  • Editor assistance
    • Adopt an editor? Help new wiki users
  • Wiki Doc Projects - "JDOC Projects" - Portal page:JDOC Projects
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Better tutorials, multipage, PDF's created for download
  • Developer feedback
  • Enhance styleguide
  • API integration with Platform and CMS
  • Help Screen development simplify
    • Focus on first STS, transcluded to subsequent STS versions, with a 'Final' for LTS
    • Notices on support ended versions
    • Better understanding for contributors, Help screens: how they work, why style guides are important

Nice to have eventually

  • VEL page VEL now has its own subdomain, see
    • Improvement for editing by approved VEL members
    • Searching
    • Improved look
    • Integration with administration for VEL notifications of installed Extensions.
  • Multilingual support


  • Semantic Mediawiki
  • Use of property values within articles/API (testing underway!)
  • Testing on a local MW install, use of Doxygen xml files to create API pages for documentation.
  • External data capture in XML or JSON (other formats also available)