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General Information

Please add appropriate items to the Roadmap and post all comments to the Docs Wiki Roadmap talk page.

Docs Wiki Roadmap

Short Term

  • Identify documentation needs by user type better
  • Beginners - need to be more targeted
  • Developers - more involvement, better method of involvement
  • Web designers - target ease of design, better articles targeted towards CSS, Bootstrap
  • Administrators - target common tasks with more detail
  • Evaluators - ideas needed?
  • Home page - start of redesign is here
  • Navigation
    • Portal pages
    • Better documentation search - Google integration? Lucerne?
    • Improve structure
    • Namespace aliases for easier link building
    • Disambiguation pages
  • Spam control - multipage sign up. AntiSpoof, AbuseFilter together. AbuseFilter will automatically block and remove users based on rules, can be new user time sensitive running against only new users. More investigation needed.
  • Clean up redundant and incomplete pages (what was started and never finished, or redundant)
  • Investigate 'Archive' namespace, would want an alias of 'A' to simplify link creation when needed

Long Term

  • Increase developer contributions!
  • Welcome new users on user talk pages! Give them some additional information, style guide, templates available, etc.
  • Editor assistance
    • Adopt an editor? Help new wiki users
  • Wiki Doc Projects - "JDOC Projects" - Portal page:JDOC Projects
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Better tutorials, multipage, PDF's created for download
  • Developer feedback
  • Enhance styleguide
  • API integration with Platform and CMS
  • Help Screen development simplify
    • Focus on first STS, transcluded to subsequent STS versions, with a 'Final' for LTS
    • Notices on support ended versions
    • Better understanding for contributors, Help screens: how they work, why style guides are important

Nice to have eventually

  • VEL page
    • Improvement for editing by approved VEL members
    • Searching
    • Improved look
    • Integration with administration for VEL notifications of installed Extensions.
  • Multilingual support


  • Semantic Mediawiki
    • Use of property values within articles/API
    • External data capture in XML or JSON (other formats also available)