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General Information

This page is to be used for planning the future navigation of documentation

The purpose of this page is to show and plan the navigation structure of the documentation found on this website. Eventually it will become standing document to refer too. All input is welcome and encouraged, please use the Talk Page.

(P) portal (C) category (N) namespace

  • Main page (Home)
    • Getting Started (P)
      • What is Joomla?
      • Versions (C and N)
      • Installing
      • Tutorials (P, N, & C)
    • Users (P)
      • Beginners (P and C)
        • Administration
      • Intermediate (P and C)
        • Administration
      • Advanced (P and C)
        • Administration
    • Developers (P)
      • Extension development (P)
        • Components
        • Modules
        • Plugins
        • Templates
      • Joomla core developers (P)
        • Development
        • Git
        • Tools
        • Bug Squad (P)
    • Documentation (P, C and N) everything for Documentation should be in the JDOC namespace
      • Wiki Projects
      • Style Guides
      • Help

Landing pages such as Getting Started, User, Developer, Core Developer, Documentation with be top level.