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Here, people translating Joomla! Documentation can sign up as a translator. A Translation Administrator will assign your username translator permissions. After your username is added as a translator, you can get started translating!

A Tip for Translators

Dear translators! Please register for translator notifications about your language. You are placed on a list to receive notices about new/updated pages that need translation.

Required Reading

Add Your Username

Add your username below under a language you want to translate and you will added to the Translator user group.

Add Your Language

If your language isn't listed below, please add it using the format:

<lang code> - Localised language name - English language name

Use the syntax, * [[User:YourUsername]] - requested

When a Translation Administrator adds you as a translator, they will remove the "- requested" from your username.

Current Translations Teams

es - Español - Spanish

nl - Nederlands - Dutch


fr - Français - French

bg - Български - Bulgarian

vi - Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese

fa - فارسی - Persian

pt - Português - Portuguese

Translation administrators

The responsibilities of a Translation administrator will require a bit more attention to docs. Translation administrators should feel comfortable with using wiki markup, but there is no need to an expert. At the very least, checking documentation every few days and perform any required tasks. Ideally, we should have at one Translation administrator who will not be tied to any specific language. Then perhaps one Translation administrator for active language teams. Volunteer as a Translation administrator here.

Current Volunteer Translation Administrators

Language Codes

ar - عربي - Arabic
bg - Български - Bulgarian
bn - বাংলা - Bengali
bo - བོད་ཡིག - tibetan
ca - Català - Catalan
ce - Nohçi - Chechen
da - Dansk - Danish
de - Deutsch - German
es - Español - Spanish
fa - فارسی - Persian
fr - Français - French
hu - Magyar - Hungarian
hy - Հայերեն - Armenian
id - Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian
is - Íslenska - Icelandic
it - Italiano - Italian
ja - 日本語 - Japanese
ko - 한국어 - Korean
lb - Lëtzebuergesch - Luxembourgish
min - Baso Minangkabau - Minang
ml - liviox alvax - Malayalam
mr - मराठी - Marathi
ms - Bahasa Melayu - Malay
nl - Nederlands - Dutch
pl - Polski - Polish
ro - Română - Romanian
ru - Русский - Russian
sl - Slovenščina - Slovenianjtökók
sq - Shqip - Albanian
sv - Svenska - Swedish
ta - தமிழ் - Tamil
tr - Türkçe - Turkish
vi - Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese
zh 中文 Chinese