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The image naming guidelines are to give documentation contributors a set guidelines about naming an uploaded image file not used by Joomla! Help screens. These guidelines are not absolute but for informative purposes. They should only be used as a reference for helping contributors form a good image file name. Naming an image for use in Joomla documentation is not difficult once you understand how the images are processed and stored. Some of the benefits of Mediawiki's method of image storage are an image history, extra image data, and easy image updating.

Naming an Uploaded Image

The Mediawiki software allows uploaded images to be named by two methods.

  1. Uploading an image directly, not referenced in a page but will be used. The default name of the image will be the "local" (name in your file system) but it may be changed before the actual upload.
  2. Clicking on a red link, referenced in a page already with an image link such as [[Image:Name of the image.png]]

Of the two methods, the later method is the easiest method to use.

Naming Pattern Suggestions

Image names should consist of an underscore or hyphenated separated list of descriptive words. Think of them as a summary description of the image.

Suggested Formats For Joomla Images

It would be very beneficial if the first part of any Joomla image refers to it's version. This allows someone to instantly know what version of Joomla is connected to the image. Example: j3x or j25. There is no need to insert the .(dot) in the version, please omit it.

<jver>-<admin>-<view>.<extension('png' | 'jpg' | 'jpeg' | 'gif')>

Joomla Image Examples

A screenshot of Joomla 3.x or 2.5 administrator's view of the article manager could be written as:


A screenshot of Joomla 3.x or 2.5 site's(frontend) view of the log in module could be written as:


Suggested Formats For non-Joomla Images

Non-Joomla Image Examples