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= Template parameters =
= Template parameters =
* [[Defining a parameter in templateDetails.xml|Defining a parameter in templateDetails.xml]]
* [[Introduction to template parameters]]
* [[Parameter types supported|Parameter types supported]]
* [[Defining a parameter in templateDetails.xml]]
* Page for each parameter type
* [[Standard parameter types]]
* [[Retrieving parameter data in a template file|Retrieving parameter data in a template file]]
* [[Storing parameter values]]
* [[Retrieving parameter data in a template file]]
* [[Creating custom XML parameter types]]
* [[Regular expressions in parameter arguments]]
= Fonts and typography =
= Fonts and typography =

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Suggested outline for the new template tutorials. This suggests a breakdown into numerous smaller tutorials.

Introduction to Joomla! templates

Understanding Joomla! templates

Upgrading a Joomla! 1.0.x template

Customising the default Joomla! templates

Creating a basic Joomla! template

More advanced Joomla! templates

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

More on Joomla! modules

Web Standards

Web content accessibility

Template parameters

Fonts and typography

Template overrides

Template translations

Distributing Joomla! templates

Advanced topics