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Below is a list of tasks, categorised by intended audience. There will be overlap so treat this as a rough guide only.

Audience: Users/Administrators

Users are visitors to a Joomla! website; administrators are people who install and maintain the website. The assumption is that these people will not know how to write code.

  • Help screens.

Audience: Web Designers

Web designers are those people tasked with creating a Joomla! website that will later be looked after by an administrator. These people can be assumed to know about HTML and CSS but may have only minimal knowledge of PHP.

Audience: Core Developers

By "core developers" we mean developers who are contributing to the Joomla! core distribution which includes the core extensions as well as the Framework.

  • Developer guidelines.
  • Participating in the community: a brief description of how people can get involved.
  • Coding style and standards.
  • Secure coding guidelines.
  • Error message conventions.
  • Exception handling.
  • Patch submission guidelines.
  • Filing bugs/issues.
  • How to release a distribution tarball.
  • Release numbering, compatibility and deprecation.
  • Localisation (L18N): an explanation of how localisation is implemented in Joomla! 1.5 and how to use it.

Audience: Third-party Developers

By "third-party developers" we mean developers who are working on extensions to Joomla! (components, modules, plugins and templates) which are made available separately from the Joomla! distribution.

  • Complete/update the wiki API reference (assumes this has been moved from DocuWiki to MediaWiki).
  • Create/update developer tutorials and how-to's (there's a list somewhere).
  • How to debug your code.

Audience: Testers

These people may be testing functionality from a user perspective; or they may be developers testing the code itself.

  • Automated testing.

Audience: Various

Stuff that pertains to multiple audiences.

  • Template tutorials project.
  • Integrate GHOP student work

Audience: Documentors

This is meta documentation for use by the Documentation Working Group and other documentors.


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