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This Wiki aims to document as many (non-deprecated) versions of Joomla! (both the CMS and the Platform) as possible so as to provide relevant information for all users. Therefore it is important to indicate the version(s) each piece of information (e.g. page, paragraph) applies to clearly and uniformly. This page summarizes and explains the methods for organizing and tagging Wiki content with specific versions.


Icons are a quick and familiar way for users to recognize whether a page applies to their version of Joomla. Icons can currently be added using the JVer template, which can be used for placing CMS version icons, Platform verson icons and a generic Platform icon. For example,

  • {{JVer|1.7}} will produce Joomla 1.7
  • {{JVer|11.1}} will produce Joomla 11.1
  • {{JVer|platform}} will produce Joomla platform


Placing pages in subcategories of Category:Joomla! versions ensures they can be found through the index page for the corresponding Joomla! versions. You can place a page in more than one category if it applies to multiple versions of Joomla!.

Page names

Some pages apply specifically to one version or some versions of Joomla!. In these cases, it makes sense to insert the version number(s) into the page title.

Currently, there is no consensus on the naming scheme for page titles. Authors should decide if and how to mention version numbers. If maximum clarity is required, version numbers should be incorporated directly into the text (e.g. User management in Joomla! 1.5). Subpages can be used if many different pages are necessary (e.g. User management/1.0, User management/1.5, User management/1.6).