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Extensions are additions to the MediaWiki code that perform special functions.

Syntax Highlighting

The Geshi syntax-highlighter extension has been installed on this wiki. For PHP code use <source lang="php">Your PHP code here</source>. Further information can be found here.

For example, inserting the following in your wiki page:

<source lang="php">
  echo "Hello World\n";

will result in:

  echo "Hello World\n";

Additional Parser Functions

The ParserFunctions extension has been added. This extension provides the following additional parser functions:-

  • #expr: computes simple mathematical expressions;
  • #if: if-then-else construct;
  • #ifeq: compares two strings or numbers;
  • #ifexists: determines if a particular page exists;
  • #ifexpr: evaluates and expression and tests the result;
  • #switch: switch/case statement;
  • #time: time and date formatting function;
  • #rel2abs: converts a relative to an absolute path;
  • #titleparts: extracts parts of a page title.

Full documentation for these functions can be found here.