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Extensions are additions to the MediaWiki code that perform special functions.

Syntax Highlighting

The Geshi syntax-highlighter extension[1] has been installed on this wiki. For PHP code use <source lang="php">Your PHP code here</source>.

For example, inserting the following in your wiki page:

<source lang="php">
  echo "Hello World\n";

will result in:

  echo "Hello World\n";

Additional Parser Functions

The ParserFunctions extension has been added. This extension provides the following additional parser functions:-

  • #expr: computes simple mathematical expressions;
  • #if: if-then-else construct;
  • #ifeq: compares two strings or numbers;
  • #ifexists: determines if a particular page exists;
  • #ifexpr: evaluates and expression and tests the result;
  • #switch: switch/case statement;
  • #time: time and date formatting function;
  • #rel2abs: converts a relative to an absolute path;
  • #titleparts: extracts parts of a page title.

Full documentation for these functions can be found here.

References and Footnotes

In your article or tutorial you may want to add external links but they may clutter the text and reduce readability. In order to add a reference[2] enclose the text in a ref element: <ref>your reference entry</ref>. At the end of the page add <references /> to display a list of all ref entries.

Link Search

You found a URL used in an article is broken and want to fix it? No problem, hit edit and make the changes. But what if that URL is also used someplace else or in a whole series or pages? The wiki doesn't provide a global search and replace facility and using the standard search function can be tedious and even unsuccessful. Head over to this Special page, type in the bogous URL and find every article that contains the external link: Special:Linksearch

  1. Further information can be found here.
  2. don't take a reference literally: it may well be any URL other than Wikipedia or Webster