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Joomla! Yeni Başlayanlar Öğretici Projesi
Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Öğretici Projenin amacı, Joomla! Yeni Başlayanlara yönelik yararlı, kolay takip edilen Öğreticiler oluşturmaktır. Topics will include helpful 'how to's' for the benefit of those new to Joomla!
Joomla! Developer Tutorials Project
This project is aimed at creating consistent, easy-to-follow Tutorials for Joomla! Extension Developers, written by Joomla! Developers.
Joomla! Help Screens Project
This project focuses on the administrator Joomla! 3.10 Help screens. Unless a Joomla! Installation is modified, all core component Help screens are being served from this wiki. The summary status of each Joomla! Help screen can be found in the previous links.
Joomla 4 Tutorial Project
The aim of the Joomla 4 Tutorial Project is to construct useful, easy to follow Tutorials aimed at Joomla! Beginners and Developers. Topics will include helpful 'how to's' for the benefit of Joomla! users