JED Entries Installation and Functionality Checklist

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To be approved and listed in JED an entry must be verified in a 4 steps checklist process You are now in Step 4 - Installation and Functionality: verification list

A- Installation

Could this be installed with Joomla?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Install with Joomla installer? YES!
  • Some specific extensions are installed by extension special installer
2 Extensions needs a hack to install? No
3 Extensions needs manual copy file to install? No
  • Exceptions available for Payment systems
4 Extensions hacks Joomla files? No
  • Please contribute with code to Joomla Core
5 Extensions changes other extension files? Only if the changes are reverted upon uninstall
  • Extension hacks are not allowed!

B- Basic Functionality

This is not intended for a full test thet should be performed by developers and users.

Does it works in a Joomla site?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Component configuration on Admin Menu works? YES!
2 Module can be published? YES
3 Plugin can be activated and site/article its working? YES
  • Legacy plugin requires a note on Joomla! version compatibility
4 In the component, is it possible to add a new item/category/file? YES

C- Security

This is not intended for a full security test.

Does it presents a security risk?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Listed at Vulnerable Extensions List NO!
2 Permissions: requires a 777 permission to install or run NO!
3 Sanitized: statement for Restricted access at top of the PHP files? YES!

D- Uninstall

Does it breaks a Joomla site?
Item What? Publishable?
1 After uninstall, Site or Admin returns errors? NO!

Everything OK? Publish extension!

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