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This article is designed to help Extension Developers (who want to be listed at JED), JED Editors (consistence for extensions approval) and general users (on reporting JED entries).

To be approved and listed in JED it requires that the entry passes a 4 steps Checklist

  • Step 1 - JED_Entries_Submission_Checklist
  • Step 2 - "JED Entries Joomla! License Checklist" (for site and extension name)
  • Step 3 - JED_Entries_License_Checklist
  • Step 4 - "JED Entries Installation and Functionality Checklist"

You are now in Step 3 - JED entries license: verification list

A- General license verification

Could this be listed in the JED?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Project site lists non-GPL Joomla! extensions? No!
  • JED will not link to sites that promote and distribute non GPL extensions.
2 Project site display other software (not Joomla! extensions) that have other licenses? Yes
3 Submitted as GPL license? Yes!
4 Submitted as GPL compatible license? Maybe
  • see Special license verification checklists
5 Submitted as Other for license? Maybe
  • see Special license verification checklists

B- GPL license verification

B1- Will it be listed in the JED? NO

To reject
Item What? Publishable?
1 Encryption for some or all files? No
2 PHP Encoder required (ionCube or other)? No
3 Limit use per domain/installation? No
4 Limit code modifications? No
5 Limit distribution of extension? No
6 Require a nondisclosure agreement? No
7 Limit usage of non GPL media files to a domain/installation? No
8 Extension specific for an extension not listed at JED No

"The GPL is a free software license, and therefore it permits people to use and even redistribute the software without being required to pay anyone a fee for doing so."

Read more:Does the GPL allow me to require that anyone who receives the software must pay me a fee and/or notify me?

B2- Will it be listed in the JED? YES

To approve
Item What? Publishable?
1 Distribute own extension for free? Yes
2 Require payment to download? Yes
3 Require payment/subscription to configure, install, support, documentation? Yes
4 Limit support per domain/installation? Yes

"The right to sell copies is part of the definition of free software"

Read more: Does the GPL allow me to sell copies of the program for money?

B3- Will it be listed in the JED? YES, but only if...

To ponderate
Item What? Publishable?
1 Include non GPL files? Only for non code files
  • Javascript, Flash, images, CSS, audio, etc
2 Include non GPL Libraries? Only if the libraries are available under a GPL compatible license
  • listed by the Free Software Foundation
3 Call home function? Only if:
  • The extension can work normally without a developer server connection
  • Its possible to install it without call home
  • Extensions are allowed to phone home for version check.
4 Subscription to earlier updates download? Only if public version doesn't have security issues
  • otherwise it will be unpublished
5 Update panel for "registered domains" to receive and perform updates directly within the panel? Only if public version doesn't have security issues
  • otherwise it will be unpublished
6 Light GPL version for a full non-GPL version? Only if:
  • there is no mention in the JED entry on the non-GPL version features
  • both are not distribute at the same site
7 Modified/Forked extensions? Only by the JED rules.
  • See TOS on how to proper fork an extension
8 Encoded files Only if:
  • No XML encode
  • Only for the file required to verification of support license
  • Base64 only
  • No commercial encode
  • Max two pass encode
9 Obfuscated code Only if:
  • No XML obfuscation
  • Only for the file required to verification of support license
  • No hardware obfuscation
10 Bridges to a non gpl product Only if:
  • The non GPL product works independently form Joomla
  • Extension its GPL and created for Joomla
  • Clear statement that the extension requires a non GPL product to work
11 Require payment to remove owner visible or hidden links Only if:
  • users are allowed to remove the links
  • the extension works if the files containing the links are edited by users
12 Extension specific for an extension listed at JED Yes, but under special requirements

C- Special license verification: GPL compatible licenses

JED could list entries that are GPL compatible:

Will it be considered “GPL compatible”?
Item What? Publishable?
1 LGPL license? Yes!
  • Only for libraries, not for extensions
2 AGPL license ? Yes!
  • If you modify the source, you must provide that modified code for download
3 Public Domain ? Yes!
4 Creative Commons, BSD, MIT or other free software licenses ? No!
  • Only licenses that comply with all terms of the GPL

D- Special license verification: Non GPL licenses

JED could list entries that are not GPL:

Will it be listed as “Other”?
Item What? Publishable?
1 Tools for Joomla Sites? Yes
  • Only for the Tools top category, not for extensions
2 Independent Scripts for Joomla? Yes.
  • Only for the “"Migration & Conversion" category, not for extensions

Everything OK? Go for Step 4 Verification List