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This article is designed to help Extension Developers (who want to be listed at JED) and JED Editors (consistence for entries approval) You may only submit up to 3 listings at one time. Bulk submissions ARE NOT ALLOWED without prior approval from the JED. If you are seeking bulk submissions approval, please open a support ticket on the JED after you have submitted 3 listings to be approved.

To be approved and listed in JED an entry must be verified in a 4 steps checklist process

  • You are now in first step

List A1 - General submission verification

Should we consider this entry? The files submitted
Item What? Publishable?
1 Joomla Core hack files? No!
  • Please contribute with code to Joomla Core
2 Other extensions hack files? No!
  • Please send code contributions to extension developer
3 Templates for Joomla No!
4 Languages for Joomla No
5 Languages for extensions? No!
  • Please send file to extension author
6 User submit an extension created by others? No!
  • an extension must be submitted by the author
7 Forked extension? Maybe!

List A2 - Links verification

The web
Item What? Publishable?
1 Main Site works? YES!
2 Download link works Maybe!
  • If not on shared host sites
  • Does not point to a list of extensions
3 Shortened URLs No
  • Remove and use full URLs
4 Documentation, Forum or Demo does not work? YES!
  • Those are not fundamental links: remove links!
5 Copy of extension not-uploaded? No!
  • If link its public available, download and include in the JED entry

List A3 - Author verification

The developer
Item What? Publishable?
1 User submit an extension created by others? No!
  • An extension must be submitted by the author
  • Delete and email user
2 Developer blocked No!
  • Keep on pending list until user reinstated

List A4 - Name entry verification

The extension
Item What? Publishable?
1 Name conflicts with other extension No!
  • email developer
2 Name with full Joomla word Maybe!
  • Go for Step 2 Verification List
3 Name with part of Joomla word? Maybe!
  • Go for Step 2 Verification List
4 Name do not comply with Extensions_name rules? No!
  • email developer

Everything OK? Go for the next step!

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