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object  instance.
object  instance.
===Defined in===
===Defined in===
libraries/joomla/form/form.php (line 1678)
* see source code in [[jplatform:form/form.php#cl-1678|BitBucket]]
===Referenced by===
===Referenced by===
* [[JModelForm/loadForm/11.1|JModelForm::loadForm]]
* [[JModelForm::loadForm/11.1|JModelForm::loadForm]]
===See also===
===See also===
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Joomla 11.1 JForm::getInstance


Method to get an instance of a form.

Description:JForm::getInstance [Edit Descripton]


Joomla 11.1


public static JForm::getInstance ($name, $data=null, $options=array(), $replace=true, $xpath=false)
Parameter Type Default Description
$name Exception if an error occurs.
$data string null The name of an XML file or string to load as the form definition.
$options array array() An array of form options.
$replace string true Flag to toggle whether form fields should be replaced if a field already exists with the same group/name.
$xpath string false An optional xpath to search for the fields.


object instance.

Defined in

libraries/joomla/form/form.php (line 1678)

Referenced by

See also

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