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This Namespace has been archived - Please Do Not Edit or Create Pages in this namespace. Pages contain information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, will not be improved and its content may be incomplete.

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Method name Description
_ Translate function, mimics the php gettext (alias _) function.
__construct Constructor activating the default information of the language.
get Get a matadata language property.
getDebug Get the Debug property.
getDefault Get the default language code.
getErrorFiles Get a list of language files that are in error state.
getFirstDay Get the first day of the week for this language.
getIgnoredSearchWords getIgnoredSearchWords function
getIgnoredSearchWordsCallback Getter for ignoredSearchWordsCallback function.
getLocale Get the language locale based on current language.
getLowerLimitSearchWord getLowerLimitSearchWord function
getLowerLimitSearchWordCallback Getter for lowerLimitSearchWordCallback function.
getName Getter for Name.
getOrphans Get the list of orphaned strings if being tracked.
getPaths Get a list of language files that have been loaded.
getPluralSuffixes pluralSuffixes function
getPluralSuffixesCallback Getter for pluralSufficesCallback function.
getSearchDisplayedCharactersNumber getSearchDisplayedCharactersNumber function
getSearchDisplayedCharactersNumberCallback Getter for searchDisplayedCharactersNumberCallback function.
getTag Get for the language tag (as defined in RFC 3066).
getTransliterator Getter for transliteration function.
getUpperLimitSearchWord getUpperLimitSearchWord function
getUpperLimitSearchWordCallback Getter for upperLimitSearchWordCallback function.
getUsed Get the list of used strings.
hasKey Determines is a key exists.
isRTL Get the RTL property.
load Loads a single language file and appends the results to the existing strings.
setDebug Set the Debug property.
setDefault Set the default language code.
setIgnoredSearchWordsCallback Setter for the ignoredSearchWordsCallback function.
setLanguage Set the language attributes to the given language.
setLowerLimitSearchWordCallback Setter for the lowerLimitSearchWordCallback function.
setPluralSufficesCallback Set the pluralSuffices function.
setSearchDisplayedCharactersNumberCallback Setter for the searchDisplayedCharactersNumberCallback function.
setTransliterator Set the transliteration function.
setUpperLimitSearchWordCallback Setter for the upperLimitSearchWordCallback function.
transliterate Transliterate function.
_parseLanguageFiles Searches for language directories within a certain base dir.
_parseXMLLanguageFile Parse XML file for language information.
_parseXMLLanguageFiles Parses XML files for language information.
exists Check if a language exists.
getInstance Returns a language object.
getKnownLanguages Returns a list of known languages for an area.
getLanguagePath Get the path to a language.
getMetadata Returns a associative array holding the metadata.
parseLanguageFiles Searches for language directories within a certain base dir.
parseXMLLanguageFile Parse XML file for language information.
parseXMLLanguageFiles Parses XML files for language information.
getCallerInfo Determine who called or .
loadLanguage Loads a language file.
parse Parses a language file.


jimport( 'joomla.language.language' );

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