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void reorder ([string $where = ])


Argument Data type Description Default
$where string Additional where query to limit ordering to a particular subset of recordsgetDescription or getGenerator respectively.


Your database table must have a column named 'ordering'.

What does the method do?

The goal of the method is to compact the ordering sequence of the selected records. To do this, the method loads all records of the table (or just those that have been defined in the 'where'-clause. It then resets the ordering of all records in such a way that the ordering is continious.


Let's say we have the following database-table:

id greeting ordering
1 Hello 5
2 Bonjour 15
3 Guten Tag 3

We now want to compress the ordering of the table.

//We need an instance of the table object. In a controller or model we can do it like this...
$table = $this->getTable('greeting');
//Let's compact the ordering sequence

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