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* [[JURI/setVar|JURI->setVar]]
* [[JURI/setVar|JURI->setVar]]
* [[JURI/delVar|JURI->delVar]]
* [[JURI/delVar|JURI->delVar]]

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Returns an individual query item value from the query part of the URI represented by the URI object.


string getVar( $name, $default )


Argument Data type Description Default
$name string Name of the query item. null
$default string Default value that will be returned if the named query item does not exist. null


$uri = '';
$u =& JURI::getInstance( $uri );
echo 'task is ' . $u->getVar( 'task', 'save' ) . "\n";
echo '  id is ' . $u->getVar( 'id' ) . "\n";
echo ' act is ' . $u->getVar( 'act', 'logout' ) . "\n";

would output

task is view
  id is 32
 act is logout

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