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The JavaScript Working Group is a Production Working Group. It is responsible for establishing standards for JavaScript and seeing that the JavaScript and/or JS frameworks are integrated and maintained.

Coordinators & PLT Contact

  • The coordinator for this working group is Joe LeBlanc.
  • The PLT Contact for this working group is Andy Tarr.


External resources

Code Quality / Utilities



Technical Work produced by this group




J! and Beyond 2012

Managing jQuery noConflict, potential solutions:

  • add at the end of jQuery javascript file
  • load no_conflict.js
  • patch submitted by Beat: pre/post JavaScript


  • clean up library manager plugin
  • JSLint - add to the unit tests
  • JavaScript compression
  • Stop writing JavaScript in PHP!
  • Idea: module parameters for adding CSS and JavaScript (rather than adding it in the HTML body)
  • Ordering: Ability to add a declaration before or after


  • Browser Caching - ?#342384623749873 <--- cache bust
  • Joomla Caching - addScriptDeclaration: doesn't cache properly.
  • Different behavior in modules vs. components

Where to load JavaScript?

  • Add JavaScript at the END of the document.
  • OR: use defer for asynchronous loading.

Possibility: add code on the client side to detect whether libraries are loaded.

  • Would need to document
  • Or: Joomla.library('nameoflibrary', '1.0', 'libraryurl');
  • Just use Require.js (or don't, it's madness, has ordering issues because it's asynchronous)
  • Just use the plugin Joe authored. Or the patch Beat submitted.


  • writing inline JavaScript! (causes "flashes") (although Geraint disagrees (and so does Peter (and Danielle)))
  • Don't code onClick events directly into markup! Use stopPropagation.
  • Geraint brings up a good point: maybe you need to do something before DOMready... but it's on the level of eval()


  • Optimize: We're currently loading everything.
  • As long as we're still using it, use it modularly, the way it was intended.
  • Might have to be done server side.
  • Look at LABjs.

Follow up

  • Start a GitHub branch
  • Start a Google Group - or do it on the CMS list.
  • Sort out 2.5 issues from 3.0 features
  • Look at replacing frontend MooTools
  • Get email addresses