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Le Groupe de travail Joomla! Javascript est sous la responsabilité du Département de la Production, qui supervise tous les aspects liés au code de tous les logiciels du Projet Joomla.

Veuillez visiter le Portail des bénévoles pour avoir un aperçu des membres de cette équipe.


The purpose of the Joomla! Javascript Working Group is to maintain and improve the current scripts and their tests, as well as seek for more performant, better supported, more appropriate third party developed scripts to replace the legacy external scripts. Another responsibility of the group is to constantly observe the changes in the language (javascript that is) and try to form a reasonable path for the upgrades. Javascript IS very important as it’s the heart and soul of any interaction in the client side!


  • Team Lead, Assistant Team Lead: These two members lead the team as defined in the bylaws. Their main obligation is to co-ordinate the team's activities and collaboration with other teams. Also they’re involved in development.
  • Member: Members of the Joomla! Javascript Working Group are regularly contributing to various project’s repositories, and help the maintainers by reviewing relative pull requests.

Short term milestones (Joomla! 4)

  • Create a maintainers tool (based on Node JS) for the maintenance of all the project static assets.
  • Replace legacy/outdated/not well supported external scripts with modern scripts that also provide enhanced functionality
  • Remove inline scripts to get CSP strict mode
  • Reduce (or even eliminate) jQuery usage
  • Introduce and document a reasonable javascript API
  • Create the common UI components (tabs, accordion, modal, dropdown) using custom elements (as a way to decouple Joomla from Bootstrap)
  • Help the GSoC students to achieve their goals.