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Requesting a Joomla!Day or support for an other event

If you are interested in organizing a Joomla! related event such as Joomla!Day or a exhibition in which you promote Joomla! a formal request is required. In order to arrange or promote your own local Joomla!Day, you simply need to complete two items: (1) fulfill the requirements defined in the Joomla!Day Charter, (2) submit a Joomla!Day request form.

If you have questions, please join our google discussion list. A member of the events working group will help you through the process.

How to Organize a Joomla!Day

Making a successful Joomla!Day requires a combination of good leadership, teamwork, and energy. Here's a simple guide to help us share best practices of organizing a Joomla!Day How to Organize a Joomla!Day

Upcoming Joomla!Days

Find all the upcoming Joomla!Days in the Events page

Joomla!Days History

Find all the past Joomla!Days here and get Idea's for your Joomla!day