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Extensions' submission, approval and rejection

How do I list my extension in the extensions site?

Information on how to list extensions in the extensions site is available here:

How long do I need to wait before my extension is approved

JED is run by a team of volunteers who contribute their time and effort to manage the directory. Because of this, the approval time is largely based on the team's availability. 14 days is a reasonable time to wait before your extension is looked in to. You can get an estimate on our approval rate by looking at the number of extensions ahead of yours that are also pending approval. This information can be found by logging in to your JED account, go to 'My Page' and click 'Edit' on the extension that is pending approval.

Why was my extension rejected from being listed?

Some of the common reasons extensions are rejected:

  • extension cannot be downloaded or found on the site.
  • extension does not install.
  • extension is not licensed under GPL or LGPL.
  • extension is not compatible with Joomla! 1.5.
  • does not have permission to use Joomla trademark.

How can I help to speed up my extension's approval time?

There are several ways you can help the extension submission process go faster and smoother. As you may know, the Joomla! Extension Directory is supported by volunteers and it takes time to go through all the extensions. You can help to speed up the approval process by making sure your extension:


Why was my review of an extension is rejected, removed and/or edited?

The following are some reasons why your review may have been rejected, removed or edited:

  • Spam and/or self-promotion.
  • Feature requests. Send feature requests to the developer.
  • Support requests. Send support requests to the developer.
  • Bug reports. Send bug reports to the developer.
  • Your review does not show that you used the extension.
  • Not a review of the product.
  • Putting some type of code. The review section doesn't like code languages.
  • Commercial disputes. Instead, report the extension.
  • Complaints about licenses, download policies, and version compatibility.


When is an extension considered ‘Popular’?

Extension will be shown as ‘Hot’ when it has an average of 150 views or more per day.

For how long is the tag ‘Just Added’ used?

An extension will be tagged as ‘Just Added’ for 14 days from the days it is approved and published.

What is the calculation for an extension to be ‘Top Rated’?

An extension has to have at least 15 votes to be eligible to be listed as Top Rated Extension. Top Rated extensions are ordered by the average rating given by users.

What is the calculation for an extension to be ‘Most Popular’?

Extensions with the highest view of all time are listed in Popular Extensions.

How is ‘Most Reviewed’ list calculated?

Extensions with the highest number of reviews are listed in Most Reviewed.

When is an extension listed in ‘Recently Updated’ page?

Extensions will be listed in Recently Update here when they are updated with new version.

What component is used to manage

The directory component used at Joomla! Extensions Directory is Mosets Tree by a company called Mosets.

Contacting JED Editors

The editors can be reached at Joomla! Extensions Directory Forum or by e-mail