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How do I list my extension in the extensions site?

Information on how to list extensions in the extensions site is available here:

What extension is used to manage

It is a customized version of Mosets Tree (a commercial component you can find in the Joomla! Extensions Directory ).

Why was my extension rejected from being listed?

Some of the common reasons extensions are rejected are because of:

  • logo violations
  • extension cannot be downloaded or found on the site
  • extension does not install

How can I help the extension submission process?

There are several ways you can help the extension submission process go faster and smoother. As you may know, the Joomla! Extension Directory is supported by volunteers and it takes time to go through all the extensions. To make things easier:

  • Make sure your download link leads directly to the download page. It makes downloading and testing the extension a whole lot easier.
  • Make sure a front-end/public/guest user can actually download the extension.
  • Test your extension to make sure the package can be installed.
  • If you have use the Joomla! logo anywhere, make sure it follows the logo guidelines.
  • If you need to make changes to your extension listing and it has not been published, do not submit another application. Removing duplicates takes up precious time. Instead, either email your changes to with detailed information about your extension or wait until your extension is published.

Why was my review of XYZ extension removed and/or edited?

  • Spam and/or self-promotion.
  • Feature requests. Send feature requests to the developer.
  • Support requests. Send support requests to the developer.
  • You state that you haven't used the extension.
  • Putting some type of code. The review section doesn't like code languages.