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Once a major/minor release has reached the [Stable phase] in the [[Development Cycle] the processes and procedures for development change. The most immediate thing to notice is that the development is no longer driven by the [[Development team]. As soon as the major/minor release is declared stable all future development on that release is driven by the [[Bug Squad]. It is important to change the way we think about maintenance releases because one of the things that our community depends upon is stability. Stability is born of a rigorous testing process and accountability. This document will outline the procedures and processes for maintaining a Joomla! major/minor release.

People will notice that the content of this document look a lot like the former Quality and Testing procedures. That is absolutely true because the main discussion here is that we talk on the Quality processes for Joomla! The main difference is the way the [[Bug Squad] is organised compared to the former Quality and Testing team, but they strive to reach the same goals.

Once a release has been declared stable, all bugs and artifacts are to be tracked in our official tracker on the Joomla! GForge site: [[1]]. Having a single place for confirmed issue tracking provides us all with a simple system of accountability. The following flowchart provides a very rough description of how the issue tracking process is defined.