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The following are Joomla! Leadership Voting policies.


The following policy was accepted by the standing members of the PLT on, 29 Nov 2013 in an effort to define the process of decision making.


Committee is any formal group of people who each have voting rights. Member is any individual with voting rights who belongs to the Committee.


  • Any Member may propose a motion by sending an email clearly marked as such to the Committee email list.
  • The voting period must be clearly stated in the email and must be a minimum of 7 days from the date of posting.
  • Members may vote at any time before the deadline via email to the Committee email list, and this email must contain the email in which the motion was proposed.
  • Votes must be either "+1" for a vote in favour of the motion; "-1" for a vote against the motion; or "0" or "Abstain" for a "neutral vote".
  • For a motion to pass at least two-thirds (rounded up if the number of Members is not a multiple of 3) of Members must cast votes. Neutral votes are counted as being votes for this purpose.
  • For a motion to pass at least two-thirds (rounded up if the number of votes cast is not a multiple of 3) of the votes cast are in favour of the motion. - Neutral votes are ignored completely for this calculation.
  • Motions will pass or fail as soon as enough votes have been cast to determine the outcome.


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3.7. QUORUM AND VOTING. Each voting member in good standing shall have one vote at any meeting of the Members. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the total voting Members, present either in person or by proxy. A majority of the votes cast at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall constitute the action of the Members.[1]

Joint Leadership[edit]

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