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== 2006 ==
== 2006 ==
[[Joomladay Netherlands, April 22nd 2006, Location?]]
[[Joomladay Netherlands (1), April 22nd 2006, Location?]]
[[Joomladay Netherlands, December 8th and 9th 2006, Den Bosch]]
[[Joomladay Netherlands (2), December 8th and 9th 2006, Den Bosch]]
[[Joomladay Germany 2006]]
[[Joomladay Germany 2006]]

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The Joomla! community has a long history of Joomla!Day events from around the world. Let's document these here, so we can ensure we have a historical timeline of Joomla!Days.

Instructions: please add the name, date, location, and if possible the web address, of any Joomla!Days that have happened in the past. Please use the following format: Name_of_Joomla!Day - Month DD-DD, YYYY - City, Country


Joomladay Netherlands (1), April 22nd 2006, Location?

Joomladay Netherlands (2), December 8th and 9th 2006, Den Bosch

Joomladay Germany 2006


Joomla!Day USA West - September X-Y, 2007 - Mountain View, California, USA



Joomladay Germany 2009