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I'm posting here a list of the things I'm working on for the administrator interface. If you want to take something on, just put your name next tot he task. You can post patches on the tracker if it's a bug or just email them to me at

Global Items:[edit]

Visual indicator on table filters to show not default is active

Add grey border to calendar icon/remove 1px CSS border

Check styling of error messages throughout

Make icon for saving order consistent with Save icons elsewhere

Confirm dropdown (not radio buttons) is used for all 3+ options

Add CSS for disabling toolbar icons in areas where they don't apply

More testing on wrapping labels (long words for translations)

Resolve JForm issue for ordering fields (dropdown vs. information text)

Control Panel:[edit]

Reorder status modules

Components Menu:[edit]

All Modal Popups:[edit]

Language cleanup

Title/description cleanup

Permission styles (spacing, depth indicators, etc.)

Global Configuration:[edit]

Save & Save/Close icons

Global check-in icon: square checkmark, adjust gradient


Redo icons for


Save & Close

Save & New

Save as Copy

User Manager:[edit]

Add new user, save, save & close, save & new, save as copy

Check in

Extension Manager toolbar icons

Module Manager- duplicate icon

Fix missing colons on top filters

Fix gradient strength in Access Levels header icon

Add depth indicator (mootools accordion nesting?)

Fix Delete icon (right edge of red circle cut off)

Fix level indicator for Access Levels


Resolve menu items submenu

Article Permissions Panel:[edit]

Changing dropdown should use AJAX/JS to calculate Current state image

Edit groups & Reset to Inherit buttons not working

Global Configuration/Permissions:[edit]

Fix description

Add depth indicator (mootools accordion nesting?)


Fix title (Babs)

Subject field same length as message field (both wider) (Babs)

Replace jagged Send E-mail button

Remove Options toolbar button from Massmail? (Babs -> I agree, commented it out so you can change your mind)

Menu Manager[edit]

Remove bullets from Modules column, replace with 16x16 module icons

Batch Box- Add boxes around each type of process, make side by side?

Clean up Edit Menu Item Module Assignments modal

Synchronize Select buttons

Hide Basic Options panel for menu items with no basic options

Verify all menu item types have correct panel groupings (correct items in right accordion panels)

Category Manager:[edit]

Remove "Articles" from header (Babs -> made it conditional so it still reflects other components like Weblinks)

Edit Category:

Move Language & Note fields to Basic Options panel

Article Manager:[edit]

Remove crud from editor-xtd buttons

Move Language field to Article Options panel

Missing batch process

Missing Move & Copy icons in toolbar

Fix spacing between pagination buttons, consistent size of active/inactive

Align center pagination in IE

Media Manager:[edit]

Center images in boxes (thumbnail view)

Update delete buttons (detail view)

Color indicator on active tab in Media Manager


Sticky icon

Edit Banner:[edit]

Edit Client:[edit]

Edit Contact:[edit]

Fix Contact Form accordion panel

Contact Category:[edit]

New icon

Private Message:[edit]

New Message: Reduce drop shadow on header icon

Change the Change User button to Select User

New button for Send, mark as read, mark as unread

Newsfeed Manager:[edit]

Edit Newsfeed: change header to Edit Newsfeed

Edit Category: Move language dropdown to Basic Options panel

Search Manager:[edit]

Create CSS button for Show Search Results

Style "Gathering Statistics" indicator


Edit Weblink:[edit]

Extension Manager:[edit]

Install: Increase vertical space between forms

Manage: Fix position of filter checkbox, change "folder" column to "Plug-in Type"

Update/Warnings: Increase spacing above so notice is centered

Discover: Consistent style with others, make "discover" an active link

Update/Discover: New toolbar icons for Install,

Change Purge Cache to Clear Cache in toolbars

Module Manager:[edit]

New Duplicate Icon

Template Manager:[edit]

New icon for Assigned

Update icon & screenshot for BlueStork

Language Manager:[edit]

Plug-in Manager:[edit]

Fix layout of OpenID Basic options panel

TinyMCE- Clean up Basic Options panel, remove HR tags

System - Debug- Fix Language Options panel

User-Contact Creator: Fix Basic Options panel

IE Fixes:[edit]

Fix left edge of header lines

Global Config/System Info not showing tab on load (error on JS)

Fix white pace outside of fieldset at top

Adjust width of ordering fields in Access Levels, Article Manager, etc.

Edit Menu Item: Change Secure in Metadata Options to dropdown

Admin login page: left align dropdown with other fields

Remove outlines on clicking

Media Manager: remove scrollbars (adjust cell widths)