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(How can I restart an inactive user group?)
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===How can I get support if I have a problem?===
===How can I get support if I have a problem?===
===How can I restart an inactive user group?===
===How can I restart an inactive user group?===
[[Reporting_A_Joomla_User_Group | Reporting a User Group ]]

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What is a Joomla User Group?

How do I start a Joomla User Group?

There are some basic requirements to start a Joomla User Group which include:

  1. At least two people to run the group as leaders (minimum)
  2. A place to meet in your town - for example a meeting room, a bar, restaurant, office space etc.
  3. A name which represents a town or city (not a country or large region)
  4. An online place to promote your group and allow people to find out about the group (e.g. website, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, Google+ Community, etc)

How do I find someone else to lead my group with?

There are many ways to find other Joomla users in your local area:

How do I find a venue?

It is best to try and find a venue which can be used free of charge, or at low cost, so that you do not have high expenses in starting your group.

Some ideas for places to meet could be:

  • Company meeting rooms or showrooms
  • Bars, restaurants and cafes
  • Community meeting rooms/Village Halls

How do I find/attract new members?

As a Joomla User group organizer you may wonder whether you should ask visitors for a financial contribution. A contribution can be useful to get the facilities like a beamer or to pay for the drinks during the meeting. Or if there are speakers invited for a present or travel expenses.

When there is money involved

Running a Joomla User Group

Should we accept corporate sponsors for our group?

How do we find speakers for our group?

How do we keep our meetings interesting for all levels of experience?

How often should we meet?

Many JUG groups meet on a monthly basis, but you could also meet less frequently, such as bi-monthly or quarterly. It is often helpful to set a regular meeting schedule, such as the second Tuesday of each month, so that regular members will know when to expect the next meeting.

What equipment do I need and how can I provide that equipment?

The main requirement is to have a data projector and screen or wall to project on to be used for your presentations. Many venues will be able to provide this equipment, however if not there are various ways you can obtain this equipment. One option may be to borrow the equipment from a member or business. If not, it may be possible to rent a projector for a small fee. Depending on the funding structure of the JUG group, it may be possible to purchase a projector with surplus funds collected.

An Internet connection is often required by presenters, or to show sites during group discussions. Some venues can provide an Internet connection, or you could potentially use a mobile broadband connection or mobile phone tethering to provide Internet access.

How do I manage people booking to attend my meetings?

How do I communicate with my members?

How can I get support if I have a problem?

How can I restart an inactive user group?

Reporting a User Group