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JUG Deutschschweiz [] (Switzerland)

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Joomla is an international project with many users worldwide. The main language of the family websites is English. In the past years many groups of Joomla users created their own local Joomla community with Joomla information in their native language.

Help me to build a list of all local/country/area Joomla communities per language by adding new local communities or completing information so we create a nice overview.

Please use format: Website Name [] (Target country or area) and order alphabetically in case of multiple communities for a language.

You can find and submit Joomla User Groups on, this page is for the communities.

Thanks, Sander Potjer


JoomlaPortal [1] (Czech)

Danish [2] (Danmark)

Dutch [3] (The Netherlands/Belgium) [4] (The Netherlands/Belgium)


Australian Joomla User Groups [5] (Australia)


Joomla! Eesti kasutajaskond [6] (Estonia)

French [7] (France)

German [8] (Austria) [9] (Germany) [10] (Switzerland)

JUG Deutschschweiz [11] (Switzerland)

Greek [12] (Greece, Athens)

Joomla! [13] (Greece, Thessaloniki)

Hebrew [14] (Israel)

Hungarian [15] (Hungary)

Italian [16] (Italy)

Japanese [17] (Japan)

Polish [18] (Poland) [19] (Poland)

Portuguese [20] (Portugal)


Joom - Russian Home of Joomla! [21] (Russia, Moscow)


Comunidad Joomla! [22] (multinational, but based in Argentina)

Comunidad Joomla! Chile [23] (Chile)

Grupo de Usuarios Joomla! de Guatemala [24] (Guatemala)

Joomla! en Colombia [25] (Colombia)

Joomla! Spanish [26] (multinational, but based in Spain)

Joomla! Venezuela [27] (Venezuela)

JUG Ecuador - Joomla! Usergroup Quito [28] (Ecuador)

Swedish [29] (Sweden)


Joomla! Türkiye [30] (Turkey)

JoomlaBilgi [31] (Turkey)