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Joomla! Marketing Working Group

The primary purpose of the marketing working group is to ensure that all communication concerning Joomla! follows the same standards and seeks to meet coherent goals which align with the corporation’s overall goals. The secondary purpose is to foster a community and communicate to the varying constituencies as appropriate to champion the use of Joomla! products to solve real world problems.

Strategic Marketing

covering how different communities utilize the Joomla! eco-system.

Product Marketing

covering each of Joomla! “products” - for example the JED, the CMS, the Framework. Typically each of these areas will be managed by a sub-team and in turn managed by the working group.

This group should be comprised of specific marketing experts and have appointed liaisons for each functional group in the Joomla! Community, JRD, JCM, CLT, PLT and OSM

This group should have a designated chair along with a co-chair and have members with marketing expertise.

Team Members

Coming soon


We created a Skype Chat called "Joomla! Release Marketing Skype was the easiest solution so far Join the Skype chat

send and email with your Skype username to add you to the chat ask someone mentioned above to add you to the chat

[[1]our google docs]


Guiding Principles