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Joomla! Marketing Working Group

The purpose of the Marketing Working Group (MWG) is to raise awareness of the Joomla CMS and Framework within the Joomla community, and around the world.

Strategic Marketing

Covering how different communities utilize the Joomla! eco-system.

Product Marketing

Covering each of Joomla! “products” - for example the JED, JRD, CMS, the Framework. Typically each of these areas will be managed by a sub-team and in turn managed by the working group.

Team Members

The Marketing Working Group leaders were announced in January 2014 - see Marketing Working Group Members

How to get involved

Connect with your local JUG

Depending on where you live, there may be a good chance that there are people who love Joomla and are already active nearby. Check the to get in contact with your local JUG.

Get social with us

Start by following @joomla or like us on Facebook and G+. People can create, and re-post in their language, Facebook and Twitter posts. Blog on your own site about what is going on in the projects, run a podcast:)

Write for the Magazine

The Joomla! Community Magazine encourages community members to submit articles to the JCM, we also hope you will think about what makes Joomla! special to you, and then come back here to share your story with the rest of the community. And that is really what the JCM is all about: Helping members of the Joomla! community connect with each other and share their stories.

Want to make a bigger impact?

Join the Marketing Team send email to with the following:

  • Your skill set
  • Area you want to contribute to
  • Skype Username
  • G+
  • Twitter

We will get you started. Currently our biggest need is great content writers.


  • Marketing Working Group meetings are being held once a week, as of November 30, 2013.

Guiding Principles

Details are forthcoming.