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Mattermost is the official Joomla communications platform.

Joomla has acquired a partnership with another great open-source project, Mattermost, to manage communications within the Joomla project community. The Mattermost project is a closer fit with our needs and mindset as a free, open software project.

With Mattermost we’re able to open up the channels, which means that all channels which don’t include security or privacy-related information will be publicly accessible.

If you are participating as a volunteer in the Joomla project, the Mattermost platform is where you need to be in order to participate in the the community, teams and working groups. It is also the best place to direct message other volunteers in the Joomla project.

Quick Links[edit]

Before you log in[edit]

Before you can log in and chat on Mattermost you need to first have a profile on the Joomla Identity Portal. [Participating_in_the_Community#Create_a_Joomla_Identity_Portal_Account|Find out more about creating an account.]

Logging into Mattermost[edit]

  • Having created your Identity Portal login, visit Joomla's Mattermost
  • Log in with your Joomla! Identity Portal account
  • Chat.

In addition to the web interface for Mattermost, you can also download mobile and desktop Mattermost apps for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux.