Organizational structure

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Joomla! development is organized in two teams; the development team and the Joomla! bug squad. Overall development is coordinated by the development coordinators. The development coordinators manage the overall aspects of the Joomla! development in it's widest sense.

Development team

The development team is a group of developers that are responsible for the development of new features. There is currently no specific devision in roles and responsibilities, there are only developers.

Bug Squad

As with all organisational sections within the project we strive to have as little as possible structure within this team. Becomming a member is pretty simple (just send a mail to the team coordinators and you're in), and the team has the most members within development related sub-teams. To organize the day to day operation we have defined the following roles:

  • Joomla! bug Squad team coordinator; these roles manage the day by day operation within the bug squad and provide help with existing and new members.
  • Bug Squad Co Maintainers; the co-maintainers are responsible for comitting patches that have moved to "ready-to-commit" status. Before they commit the code changes they do a final code validation (standards, quality, docbook mark-ups etc.).