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  • There are a lot of pages of antiquity in the 'Cookie jar' - they are all time stamped, some over 4 years old. The majority were never even started and pertain to Joomla! 1.5. Mark those articles with the {{delete}} template you feel need to be deleted. After PBF, a bot run will clean up the ones marked deleted unless someone objects on the talk page of the article.
  • Make use of the {{delete}}, {{merge}} or {{JSplit}} templates on articles. Click the links to see how to use them and apply them to articles you think need this type of attention.
  • Another area of similar to the 'Cookie jar' is our Needs pages. They are called 'Needs pages' because they are in need of various tasks to complete them, such as reviewing content, adding an image, more content or improvements. Pick a few, give them a little love and help others when they read the docs.
  • Categorisation is always a something easy to do, necessary and in great demand on our wiki! Pages without categories are abundant, pick some titles you know and skip the ones you might not know right off. See how many you can give at least 1 category in an 10 minutes or 1/2 hour. Make it fun and have a competition with others! You can also make it a real challenge, who can add the most to one category.
  • Help pages, yes we know they are a lot of work, but necessary for beginners and even those with intermediate knowledge of Joomla! Joomla! 2.5 still has a year of life and Joomla! 3 is just getting started! The love you give them will be felt by many users worldwide. You can find the matrix of 2.5 Help Screens here and 3.0 Help Screens here. Some just need to be reviewed and marked complete in status, others need to be started, completed, have images uploaded(670px max width), etc. Make sure you read the 2.5 Style Guide or the 3.0 Style Guide. Anyway questions, just ask on Skype.
  • Join the Developer Tutorials Project and share your knowledge. Sign your name using 4 tildes,~~~~ on the Developer Tutorials Project page and list what you might be able to do. Add some tutorials topics to the suggested topics list.