Pizza couriers

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The team below is reponsible for organizing this event. The following focussed areas have been defined:

  • Logistics - Venue planning, helping with tasks (our to-do list), guiding people into tasks.
  • Communications - The people taking care of communications create news announcements, work on guidance for people who want to get involved etc.
  • Documentation - This sub-team is responsible for setting up all documentation for this event, but also will guide all that is related to documentation within the Joomla! project.
  • Infrastructure - Setting up all tools that are being used during the event. Like this wiki, our [Tracker], IRC, task summary, shared Google document etc.

Below the team that is organizing the event is listed, including their roles. If you are interested in helping out, please mail to and state your area of interest.

The team

  • Chris Davenport (documentation)
  • Kevin Devine (contributions)
  • Anthony Ferrera (overall coordination, logistics)
  • Jerry Hilburn (communications, documentation)
  • Wilco Jansen (overall coordination, communications)
  • Jennifer Marriot (logistics)
  • Amy Stephen Chris Davenport (communications)
  • Elin Warring Chris Davenport (Infrastructure)