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==Temporary Workaround==
==Temporary Workaround==
* Install the plugin from this forum item []
Install the plugin from this forum item []
==Extension Developers==
==Extension Developers==

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This error message manifests on Administrator Forms for many non-core extensions even when an item has been selected.

This backwards compatibility error will be fixed in core for 2.5.1.

Temporary Workaround

Install the plugin from this forum item [1]

Extension Developers

  • To address this problem now so that your users do not have to wait for a core fix, update your Administrator forms and change name="adminForm" to id="adminForm". If backwards compatibility is required, simply use both values in the form definition. In future releases, Joomla will only support id="adminForm"


A patch has been created to fix the backwards compatibility in 2.5.1