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=== Called in files ===
=== Called in files ===
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Events of Quickicon



This method is called when the Quick Icons module is constructing its set of icons. You can return an array which defines a single icon and it will be rendered right after the stock Quick Icons.


  • context The context of the content being passed to the plugin - this is the component name and view - or name of module (e.g. com_content.article). Use this to check whether you are in the desired context for the plugin.

Return Value

A list of icon definition associative arrays, consisting of the keys link, image, text and access.


$return = array(
		'link' => 'index.php?option=com_joomlaupdate',
		'image' => 'joomla',
		'icon' => 'header/icon-48-download.png',
		'id' => 'plg_quickicon_joomlaupdate',

Called in files